All About Woven Labels


In any business, the branding of their product is extremely important but what does branding actually means? Branding is nothing but just a name that’s imprinted in one’s mind for its services and quality. A product needs to be branded for marketing as people know the product and service by brand and not by its finesses, qualities or whatsoever. Read more great facts on custom lapel pins, click here.

With an established brand, it’s the other way around hence, people are opting for it instead of going for other products which aren’t branded but might be of great quality than branded ones. The question now is, how the brand is know, which is achieved through extensive advertising. In garment, clothing labels are the ones which are used mainly in garment marketing. There are so many kinds of clothing labels to which woven labels are very popular. Now you may ask, what is a woven label? Find out for further details on custom woven labels right here.

Woven labels are used widely in apparel as well as its associated industries as they’re elegant and sturdy in look. They’re made from 100 percent polyester yarns and weaved. You can get any design weaved as they could be customized depending on the person’s needs. Since they’re polyester fabric labels, they are able to withstand any tear and wear. The colors are not fading regardless of how many washes it goes through. For weaving, the design is made from special software and then submitted to looms. The labels that come out are smooth and soft.

There are various kinds of qualities which could be weaved in looms and by qualities I mean, density of labels. Now, density is defined as being the number of horizontal yarn passes per Say that the number is 56, then the density is going to be 56 and this is a density with a name given as Damask label which are used widely. Following are several other qualities that are used.

Number 1. Taffeta – here the quality is low and the density is just 28. Generally, this quality is used for care labels as well as size labels.

Number 2. Damask – as what mentioned, it has a density of 56, used worldwide and has a medium quality.

Number 3. Half Damask – this said quality is a combination of the aforementioned qualities. This is being used where people want to have their designs and care instructions. The bottom part is taffeta while the upper part is Damask.

Number 4. High Definition – here, the density is 80 and the labels are very fine, hence of high quality. The pricing is higher and typically used in elegant and fancier clothing.


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